Vergon Kneal Knee Cruiser

Vergon Kneal Knee CruiserDo you need to use a knee walker on a daily basis or only occasionally? If so, the Vergon Kneal Knee Cruiser is probably more than you could ask for in a walker. Traditional walkers do not have wheels and can in fact be very cumbersome for the user; However, the Vergon Kneal Knee Cruiser has four sturdy wheels and feather-touch hand breaks that allow you to maneuver yourself around better, and, therefore, be more independent. In addition, each unit comes with a basket that can be removed and a seat that allows you to sit down when you need to rest. The unit is the only knee walker with disk breaks and rear turning wheels.

All of the Vergon Kneal Knee Cruiser units come in a variety of colors for you to choose from, so they look nothing like the old-fashioned silver walkers with no wheels. These are quite stylish, and while they are all very lightweight, they are very durable and will last for many years. Whether you use your walker on a daily basis or just occasionally, you will have something that looks good, is sturdy and can help you live a more independent life.

Vergon Kneal Knee CruiserMoreover, all of the Vergon Kneal Knee Cruiser units have four wheels unlike some of the other brands that come with three wheels. The four rugged wheels give you more traction and more stability than the three wheel models. Gone are the days of ugly and unappealing walkers, the Cruiser is the complete package and offers you the greatest safety, durability and portability. These walkers instill a greater sense of independence. In addition, you feel better having a walker that is easier on the eyes and not the standard walker. You have a choice. Why not make it one that you can truly feel good about?

Finally, when you have decided that the Vergon Kneal Knee Cruiser is for you, make sure you check out all the different models to see which color is right for you.

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