There are so many benefits to using a roll-a-bout walker if you are suffering from an injured foot or ankle. Also referred to as a knee walker, a roll-a-bout walker is a great alternative to traditional mobility methods. Unlike using traditional methods like crutches or wheelchairs, a knee walker makes getting from one place to another fast, easy and fun.

What is a Knee Walker?

A roll-a-bout knee walker is very similar to a scooter. It is a mobility device used by people who have recently suffered a foot or ankle injury. A knee walker can be maneuvered with very little effort and is great for people of any physical shape. A knee walker does not require the user to balance themselves or support their own body weight the same way standard crutches do. Instead, the user rests their body weight on the knee pad and remains balanced by gripping the handle bars of the roll-a-bout walker.

Who can Use a Knee Walker?

Anyone can use a roll-a-bout knee walker. Designed specifically to assist people with foot or ankle injuries, the knee walker is a mobility device that can be used while the injury heals. The knee walker is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to bother with crutches or wheelchairs. Knee walkers require very little effort and are recommended for elderly patients who cannot use crutches. Knee walkers are smaller than wheelchairs and easy to fit through standard sized doorways and halls. There is no need to worry that you cannot fit or will not be able to use the roll-a-bout knee walker due to weight or height restrictions. Knee walkers do not require the user to carry their own weight the same way crutches do, and they can be adjusted to fit people of any height.

Why Use A Knee Walker?

Knee walkers are an excellent alternative to crutches and wheelchairs. After extended use, crutches can cause underarm sores and fatigue. Knee walkers do not rub areas of sensitive skin or cause discomfort to the user. While using the knee walker, those who are injured are also helping to prevent muscle atrophy. If seated in a wheelchair for too long, the muscles become weak. Roll-a-bout knee walkers are propelled with the same motion as one would use to push a scooter forward. While standing up and propelling the knee walker with their good leg, users are helping to exercise and keep their muscles strong.

In order to purchase or rent a knee walker, contact Knee Walker Central either by phone or on their website KneeWalkerCentral.com. Knowledgeable staff members are available to assist you in choosing a knee walker that is right for you. In most cases, the rental fees for using a knee walker can be paid for by the injured person's medical insurance. Financial officers at Knee Walker Central will assist you in filing any insurance claims required to have your roll-a-bout knee walker paid for by your medical insurance.