Premium Knee Walker (old)

$0.00 for first 4 weeks -  $35.00 /week afterwards
  • Number of weeks needed:
Additional Accessories
Knee Pad Comfort Cover, purchase - $15.00

Get your knee walker in 1-3 days. Shipments occur Monday through Friday and deliveries take place Tuesday through Saturday, based on UPS/FedEx at our selection. Delivery delays can occur due to inclement weather and events out of our control with UPS/FedEx.

All orders placed before 3:00PM EST will ship out the same day.

item description & features

We are proud to introduce the Premium Knee Walker, a mobility device to help you reclaim your lifestyle while recovering from your foot / ankle injury or surgery. The combination of tool free assembly, ergonomic knee pad, top notch braking system, simple collapse mechanism, 8" wheels and complimentary basket make the Premium Knee Walker the best mobility option of its kind. This knee scooter combines stability & comfort to have you back in motion in no time.

- Tool free assembly
- Ergonomic knee pad
- Complimentary basket
- 8" wheels
- Simple collapse mechanism
- Offset knee pad for added stability


Overall length: 23.5"
Handlebar Adjusted Height Range: 31 - 41"
Overall height handlebar folded: 11"
Knee rest height range: 17 - 23"
Weight: 22 lbs
Front axel width: 17"
Stopping; and locks when needed

Easy Assembly

Words From A Medical Professional

How the rental process works

  • Find the knee walker that�s right for you and order through our secure site or by calling us. We have a team of experts that care standing by to help you.


  • With facilities on the east and west coast and same day shipping available, we�ll deliver right to your home or office in no time.


  • Use your knee walker for as long as you need it. Don�t worry if you pass your rental end date, we will put you on our monthly autobilling system so you can focus on recovering.


  • When you are fully recovered, simply repackage the knee walker, attach the provided return label and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location, or call us to schedule a pickup for you.


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Too expensive

Good product, but too expensive. Much cheaper places to rent from.

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An excellent experience

The knee walker (Northrup) was invaluable during my recovery from bunion surgery. It was much safer and easier than crutches, and it allowed me to use my hands, carry things, bend down to pick something up, etc. Best of all was the customer service at Knee Walker Central. It was outstanding!

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Makes mobility so easy!

I recently had foot surgery and was told not to put weight on my foot for 6 to 8 weeks. I rented one of your knee walkers and I am very happy! It arrived in two days from the time I rented it online. So easy to click, pay, and have it delivered!! I read many reviews before renting and decided not to purchase a knee walker since the rentals seem much sturdier. This knee walker is easy to use. I love the basket because while on crutches I am always leaving my glasses or phone somewhere. Because of the large turning radiius, you will need to pick up the front end of the walker and move it over if you have a smaller house like I do, but it's no big deal. Using the walker, I've been able to cook my own meals which is impossible to do if you are standing on one foot in the kitchen with crutches! You also may need help putting it together as it comes in a huge box and requires some assembly. Back to work for me soon and I know this will be awesome as I walk more than 10,000 steps a day on my job. Thanks for a great product!

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Great company to deal with

I am in my sixties and was wondering how to maneuver this walker. Due to arthritis and several surgeries (3 back surgeries, 3 shoulder surgeries, breast cancer), I cannot use crutches or a regular walker, no hopping around for me. I have reached 8 weeks of non-bearing weight on my left foot and I am amazed on how easy it was to use the device. This is truly the way to go if you are facing several weeks of non-bearing weight. I am facing another 4-6 weeks of partial weight bearing, so I will continue to use my walker. Customer service is amazing and they will accommodate nicely your needs. Thanks much Knee Walker Central.

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