Deluxe Knee Walker

$120.00 for first 4 weeks -  $30.00 /week afterwards
  • Number of weeks needed:
Additional Accessories
Basket, one time rental fee - $10.00
Knee Pad Comfort Cover, purchase - $15.00

Get your knee walker in 1-3 days. Shipments occur Monday through Friday and deliveries take place Tuesday through Saturday, based on UPS/FedEx at our selection. Delivery delays can occur due to inclement weather and events out of our control with UPS/FedEx.

All orders placed before 3:00PM EST will ship out the same day.

item description & features

The Free Spirit knee walker by Essential Medical is an innovative, comfortable alternative to crutches. It turns corners easily while maintaining stability and has an anatomic tiller for user comfort. It's ergonomically designed aluminum frame is supported by 8" wheels that truly grip surfaces to improve safety and performance. The unit includes a softer knee pad that provides more comfort to your knee. Pad is 14.5" long, which is longer than most knee pads.

-Easy Fold Handlebar
-Supports up to 400 lbs
-Dual Loop Hand Brakes
-Large Vinyl Storage Pouch


-Overall Length 31"
-Handlebar Adjusted Height Range 33.5"- 41.5"
-Overall Height Handlebar Folded 17.5"
-Knee Support Adjusted Height Range18"-24"
-Weight22.5 lbs
-Stability Front Axle Width 17.5"
-Stopping Loop Style Brakes

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How the rental process works

  • Find the knee walker that�s right for you and order through our secure site or by calling us. We have a team of experts that care standing by to help you.


  • With facilities on the east and west coast and same day shipping available, we�ll deliver right to your home or office in no time.


  • Use your knee walker for as long as you need it. Don�t worry if you pass your rental end date, we will put you on our monthly autobilling system so you can focus on recovering.


  • When you are fully recovered, simply repackage the knee walker, attach the provided return label and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location, or call us to schedule a pickup for you.


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This is a lifesaver!

When I was in 6th grade I twisted my ankle and had to use crutches. They made my arms and hands hurt, and I fell on them more times than I can count. When I broke two toes around Christmas, I dreaded the thought of trying to use crutches on a college campus and at work. One of the girls at my doctor's office told me about a knee walker and I have to say this thing was a lifesaver! I though it would be too heavy or too bulky or hard to use, but really it's not! I could lift it by myself and put it in my trunk and zipped around school with ease. I was able to keep the weight off my foot and keep my pain level to a minimum. The nice lady I dealt with when I rented the unit made my experience as pleasant as it could be, considering, and she even helped me find out that my insurance company would help me with the cost. I can't recommend Knee Walker Central strongly enough.

0/5 4

Why is the price so high

I'm going to have foot surgery to remove an extra bone called the accessory navicular, but my family doesn't have much money at all, and I would only need it for a month, so why is it so much money? This is an excellent idea, but I really don't have the money for this just to rent. Possibly lower it down a bit?? By the way, I NEED one of these, because I have marching band and I need to learn my marching part, and this is a solution, but it's oh so expensive...

0/5 5


I'm eleven years old and I really won't to break my leg so I can get one of those things there so cool and thy look like fun to.

0/5 5

Why rent?

Buy it ! What if one of your family members breaks their leg foot or ankle. What if the scooter gets damaged are you going to sue them for hundred dollars that would be idiotic for doing that that's what it costs to rent the stupid things. Why rent BUY IT!!!!!!

0/5 2

There are better!!

The turning circle is not good. Should have a brake which holds and has to be released. Pad was quite comfortable. I would not have bought it if I had tried it first.

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