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Keep your cast clean, fresh, and itch free!

A cast can be uncomfortable enough without odor and itch. The cast cooler is the easy and affordable solution to eliminating the unbearable smell and irritation caused by an orthopedic cast.

The Cast Cooler generates a gentle vacuum on the perimeter of your cast, which immediately cools your foot, ankle, or leg and completely dries your cast's lining. Since odor is the result of moisture, eradicating it keeps your extremity clean and comfortable.


How to use the Cast Cooler

  • Apply the Cast Cooler to the outside of a fiberglass (breathable) cast. Stretch it around the cast and secure the blue wrap onto itself.
  • Connect a standard vacuum hose to the open end of the Cast Cooler.
  • Turn the vacuum on.
  • Enjoy the sensation of cooling and moisture removal.
  • Make sure your cast is completely dried out (this should take a few minutes).
  • Move the Cast Cooler to other areas of your cast as needed.
  • Repeat as often as desired.

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