Knee Scooter

A knee scooter (also referred to as knee walker, knee cruiser and roll about) is a three or four wheeled crutch alternative or a traditional walker. This device is used as an aid for those suffering from leg, ankle or foot injuries. A knee scooter also has a fun factor.

A knee scooter allows an injured individual to gain mobility in a more convenient way than using standard crutches or a traditional walker. A knee scooter provides a safer alternative to crutches and helps aid the healing process.

Crutch Replacement

After a while, standard crutches can cause soreness and pain under the arms. Having to balance and carry your own body weight all day can be tiring. Using crutches causes strain on the neck, back and shoulders. More often than not, people who use crutches during a leg or foot injury suffer more pain caused by the inconveniences of crutches. By using a knee scooter you can eliminate the use of crutches as well as all of the pain and inconveniences they cause. Some of the benefits of using a scooter are enhanced safety and convenient operation. Knee scooters eliminate potential falls associated with crutches as well as provide faster mobility than that of crutches. Knee scooters can be adjusted to fit any body size and provide optimum comfort and maneuverability. Most knee scooters can be adjusted to suit the needs of either left or right handed users. With a knee walker, injured individuals get exercise without putting the injury at risk. The knee scooter actually improves circulation in the affected leg and helps the individual to conserve the much needed energy to encourage faster healing.

Who Should Use a Crutch Alternative?

Roll about like devices are for anyone who has an injured ankle or foot and are unable to walk on it, but at the same time might have a very weak upper body and no strength to use standard crutches. With a knee scooter the individual can rest your injured leg on the cushion and push off with the other foot. Knee walkers are equipped with handle bars that allow the individual to balance their weight as well as steer the scooter in the desired direction of travel. These handles bars allow that person to maneuver about the room with little to no stress on the other parts of the body. The objective of the scooter is to create a safe, comfortable and easy way to gain mobility during the healing process. Those who have recently had foot surgery, suffer from gout, foot and leg sprains or fractures and even severe ulcers or wounds are all encouraged to use a knee scooter while rehabilitating from their injury.