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Free Spirit Knee Walker

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The Free Spirit Knee Walker by Essential Medical is an innovative, comfortable alternative to crutches. It turns corners easily while maintaining stability, and has an anatomic tiller for user comfort. It’s ergonomically designed aluminum frame is supported by 8’’ wheels that truly grip surfaces to improve safety and performance.

-Easy Fold Handlebar -Supports up to 400 lbs
-Dual Loop Hand Brakes
-Large Vinyl Storage Pouch


-Overall Length 31”
-Handlebar Adjusted Height Range 33.5”- 41.5”
-Overall Height Handlebar Folded 17.5”
-Knee Support Adjusted Height Range18”-24”
-Weight21 lbs
-Stability Front Axle Width 17.5”
-Stopping Loop Style Brakes


"I can’t imagine the past few months on crutches. Thank you so much for the like new Free Spirit Knee Walker I rented and the helpful service you provided. It made life so much easier, and I love all the attention it attracted when I ventured out of the house. Now, every time I see a person with a cast or fracture boot on, I go out of my way to tell them about you guys."

-Roger, Kentucky
Rented an Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker

"The knee walker I rented was durable and easy to use. Thanks for sending it over so fast, I’d recommend it to anyone with a foot or ankle injury."

-Denise, West Virginia
Purchased an Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker

"When my doctor first recommended the knee walker to get around after my ankle surgery I was skeptical, so I tried using crutches first. I was having such a hard time getting around that I decided to give the Essential knee walker a shot after two weeks of frustration with crutches. To my pleasant surprise it made all the difference in the world. Having the knee walker gave me the ability to do many things for myself that I wouldn’t have been able to do on crutches and made the recovery process so much easier. My only regret is not taking my doctors advice sooner."

-Gabe, Pennsylvania
Rented an Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker

"There is never a good time to break your ankle, but summer in New York City was a particularly upsetting period not to be able to get around; I had so much fun stuff planned! As soon as someone told me about the knee walker, I was sold. Besides the usual stuff I do around the city, I was also able to go to Bastille Day in Brooklyn, the San Ginero Festival in Nolita, and even cruised through Central Park. It actually turned out to be a great conversation piece and made it about 100x easier to mobilize. There was even a fun factor involved. Thank you for saving my summer!"

-Julie, New York
Purchased an Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker

"I was really impressed with the service you provided. Thank you for being so helpful on the phone and for sending over a knee walker that looked and felt new. It was a lifesaver after surgery."

-Louis, Maryland
Rented an Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker

"My husband Jon was a pessimist about getting a knee walker, but I rented the free spirit model for him because a friend used a similar one after a foot injury and loved it. At first Jon fumbled around with crutches and refused to use the knee walker, but after a few days he gave it a whirl and never went back. I’m now the one writing to thank you because it probably improved my life as much as it did my husband’s! Keep up the good work."

-Reba, Texas
Rented an Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker

"The Essential Knee Walker was essential after my operation! I was also really impressed with your customer care."

-James, New Jersey
Rented an Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker

"My students got a kick out of seeing me roll around the classroom. Thanks for keeping me in the game!"

-Mike, Rhode Island
Rented an Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker

"With my knee walker I was able to do just about everything I would normally do in my daily routine. What a difference from crutches. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone that can’t use their foot or ankle for a while."

-Sophie, Pennsylvania
Rented an Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker

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How the rental process works

  • Find the knee walker that’s right for you and order through our secure site or by calling us. We have a team of experts that care standing by to help you.


  • With facilities on the east and west coast and same day shipping available, we’ll deliver right to your home or office in no time.


  • Use your knee walker for as long as you need it. Don’t worry if you pass your rental end date, we will put you on our monthly autobilling system so you can focus on recovering.


  • When you are fully recovered, simply repackage the knee walker, attach the provided return label and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location, or call us to schedule a pickup for you.


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I'm eleven years old and I really won't to break my leg so I can get one of those things there so cool and thy look like fun to.

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Why rent?

Buy it ! What if one of your family members breaks their leg foot or ankle. What if the scooter gets damaged are you going to sue them for hundred dollars that would be idiotic for doing that that's what it costs to rent the stupid things. Why rent BUY IT!!!!!!

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