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The Drive Economy knee walker is a simple alternative to crutches for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulcers of the foot. It’s 8’’ wheels are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and the deluxe lever brake helps ensure safety.

-Lever Lock Can Be Adjusted For Either Right Or Left Handed Use
-Supports Up To 300 lbs
-Fixed Wheels
-Easily Folds


-Overall Length 29”
-Handlebar Adjusted Height Range 33”- 41”
-Knee Support Adjusted Height Range 18”- 22”
-Weight 16 lbs
-Stability Front Axle Width 14.5"
-Stopping Deluxe Lever Brakes

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How the rental process works

  • Find the knee walker that’s right for you and order through our secure site or by calling us. We have a team of experts that care standing by to help you.


  • With facilities on the east and west coast and same day shipping available, we’ll deliver right to your home or office in no time.


  • Use your knee walker for as long as you need it. Don’t worry if you pass your rental end date, we will put you on our monthly autobilling system so you can focus on recovering.


  • When you are fully recovered, simply repackage the knee walker, attach the provided return label and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location, or call us to schedule a pickup for you.


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Great product & service

At the suggestion of my surgeon I rented a northrup knee walker to help my recovery from fusion surgery on three joints. It made it so easy to get around vs. crutches or walker. I returned it once I was weight bearing, a month later I went back to non weight bearing thanks to a stress fracture. I literally called while my cast was being fitted and knee walker central kindly shipped it out for arrival the next day (a Saturday). I'm so grateful. Plus the person I spoke with showed empathy. Having been through a ten week recovery, facing four more, the kindness was appreciated. Thank you!

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Knee walker

I have to rent a knee walker but I have Charcot foot it is hard to walk with this problem. I have to get use to riding a knee walker.

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Oh, the Freedom!

Like so many others, I hated my crutches from day one. Though I'm in my fifties, my body is in good shape from weight lifting and jogging, but crutches are just no fun and lead to sore spots on my hands and armpits. Plus, I have to rely on others to bring me beverages and food. The knee walker has tremendously enhanced my mobility while keeping me off of my left foot. In retrospect, i should have spent the extra money for the kind that turns, but I'm sure I'll get more and more comfortable with the roller's use as time goes on.

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Works like a kid’s scooter

This knee walker works great, but I earned the nickname “Sammi Scooter” after a bunch of my friends commented on how much it looks like a kid’s scooter. But I can live with the nickname, considering how it made my non-weight bearing recover so much more manageable. Whoever invented crutches should be punished for crimes against humanity.

0/5 3

Great mobility device if you’re the right size

This is a lot faster than using crutches and gives you free hands. This is ideal for moving around the house, and I found that I was able to interact with my kids more on a knee walker vs. crutches. My only complaint is that this knee walker is probably not meant for everyone. It was perfect for me, but it’s only meant for people less than 250 lbs. I’m sure this would be a problem for a lot of people, especially bigger guys like me. Also, I’m just less than six feet and I had it set up at one of the shorter settings. I think this might make it a problem for people to use if they’re around the five-foot mark, but I could be wrong. I only needed this for about a month or so, so I didn’t need any advanced steering options like on the more expensive models. It’s a bit of a workout to turn, but since I couldn’t exercise due to my foot injury, this actually became a really big benefit.

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