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Renting vs. Buying a Knee Scooter

You have an upcoming surgery and you are a candidate for utilizing a knee scooter to stay mobile. You’re shopping around and trying to figure out, “Do I rent or do I buy a knee scooter?” Everyone’s situation is different, but in today’s post we’ll try to help you through that decision.

Some of the factors to consider when deciding between renting and purchasing a knee walker or knee scooter include Time, Space, Quality and Value:

1. How much time is the knee scooter needed? Purchasing provides the flexibility of not having to worry about how many weeks you will need the unit. If you are going to use it long term, it makes sense to purchase a unit. But, if you will only need the knee scooter for a couple of weeks, why would you want to deal with the hassle of finding a place to store the knee scooter when finished?

2. How much space do I have? Knee scooters are bulky. Though the tiller bar can be folded down, they still weigh over 20 lbs and can be oddly shaped enough to not be stowed away easily in a closet or garage. If you purchase your unit, you will have to find somewhere to store it until you can discard it. Renting allows you the ability to quickly return the unit and regain some space.

3. Resale value? If you purchased a unit and now want to get rid of it, are you willing to assume the liability if the next user gets hurt on it? Rental companies care for their knee walkers and do a thorough inspection before sending out a unit. If you purchase a knee walker and want to get rid of it you most likely will assume the liability should something happen to the next owner. Donating the unit to a non-profit is probably your best bet.

4. Quality of knee scooter? The old addage, “You get what you pay for” applies here. You most certainly can find a knee scooter online for less than it costs to rent a unit. Beware though of the quality of the unit and assembly required of the lower quality units. Renting a knee scooter allows you to obtain a high quality unit and even pay for it over time.

Knee Walker Central’s mobility team is ready to help with your rental and/or purchase decision. We offer high quality units both for rent and for sale with fast shipping. Give us a call today at 866-802-0580.

Adjust the Height to Get it Right

So you’ve had a foot or ankle injury or perhaps you are getting prepared for surgery to heal a stress fracture or remove bunions.  Crutches are uncomfortable and they can cause nerve damage, so you choose the best alternative and rent a knee walker / knee scooter! What happens now? You have to set up the knee walker / knee scooter correctly. How do you know you’ve set everything up correctly?

  1. First, read the instructions…pictures are not enough.
  2. Make sure you have all the parts you are supposed to have.
  3. Put the knee post into the frame. The proper height is when your good leg is flat on the floor while wearing a closed toe shoe such as a sneaker and your injured leg is bent at a 90-degree angle.
  4. You should be able to stand up straight and walk forward without having to hop on your tiptoes with your good foot.
  5. Make sure you have the knee post adjustment knob or pin going through both the knee post and the frame. Some frames have the hole under the frame; others are located above the frame. Having the knob or pin through both the knee post and the frame will secure the knee pad so it cannot move left and right.
  6. Do you have a split knee pad? If so place your knee on the front knee pad and your lower leg on the back knee pad with the lip of your cast or boot between the knee pads. This type of knee pad is designed to relieve pressure on your shin caused by the cast or boot.
  7. Now to the handlebars. Make sure your tiller is in the upright and locked position. The tiller is the folding mechanism that allows the handlebars to fold down for easy transport. If the tiller is still a bit wobbly spin the tiller latch clockwise (tighty righty, lefty loosey) and tighten it back down.
  8. Adjust the handlebars so that your arms are resting comfortably on them at a 90-degree angle or higher. You don’t want your handlebars too low as a quick stop could cause you to lose your center of gravity.
  9. Make sure your height adjustment knob for your handlebars is snug as well.  This will also help keep your handlebars from being wobbly.
  10. Put on your basket or tote bag

Now you’re ready to roll!  Take your time though!  Go slow and get used to using the knee walker / knee scooter.  Watch out for things on the road such as rocks, sticks and uneven sidewalks.

If something doesn’t feel right to you on the knee walker / knee scooter – stop using it immediately!  Call us at 866-802-0580 and we are happy to help assist you.