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Freedom Delivered. Get it in 1-3 days.
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Insurance Coverage

Some plans cover knee walkers

Insurance Coverage. Some plans cover knee walkers.

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A knee walker rental is the best way to get back in motion after your foot/ankle injury or surgery.

KneeWalkerCentral.com is your online source for Knee Walker rentals and purchases, with several models that provide the very best options to mobility with a foot / ankle injury or surgery. Many times, an injury or surgery may leave you immobile during the healing process, placing a burden on both your daily and work lives. Our knee walker products will remove any stress weighing down your injured leg, foot, or ankle providing you with comfort and security when getting from point A to point B.

KneeWalkerCentral.com offers affordable solutions to your mobility challenges with our wide assortment of roll about, knee scooter, and crutch replacement devices.

A Roll About for Convenient Travel

A roll about will help you keep up with your daily activities, while simultaneously providing comfort and support to your injuries. Simply rest your injured leg on the padded foot rest and propel yourself with your other foot to gain quick mobility. Put aside your cumbersome crutches that often create soreness and discomfort, and opt for one of our convenient mobile alternatives.

At KneeWalkerCentral.com, many of our models have advanced steering capabilities, providing you with simple navigation of tight corners and narrow spaces. Our easy to use brake systems will help you feel safe by allowing you to confidentially and completely control each and every mobile movement.

The Perfect Knee Scooter For You!

Our knee scooter rentals are available in a number of convenient models, specifically designed accommodate your injury, weight, and body type. The following models are available for rent:

  • The Basic Knee Walker - Supports up to 300 pounds. Features a narrow wheel width to help you get in and out of tight spaces. This is our economic non-steering model that is easy on your budget.
  • The Free Spirit Knee Walker - Supports up to 400 pounds. Features dual loop hand brakes and durable 8 inch wheels.
  • The Northrup Knee Walker - Supports up to 400 pounds. Features tool free height adjustments and easy folding for travel.

Reclaim your lifestyle during the healing process by renting one of our convenient mobility scooters today!